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Thread: Level 60 Club!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peregrine View Post
    Finally hit lv 60 on my 4x lock 1x disc. Last 10 levels were purely thru BRD Bael Gar gauntlent (not a single quest was done) trash mob farming.

    Average time per level around 2.5 hours to 57- then 3.5 hours to 60.
    Grats man! Hellfire spam or dotting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by catbert View Post
    Grats man! Hellfire spam or dotting?
    Pure Hellfire spam, I am using something similiar as Apatheist, but given that runinng that gauntlent for 100 times I usually target the officer with my main void walker, and 2x footman/melee with other void and 3rd is healer/melee dps (they are random). The groups are in 5 and when i send my voids, i usually wait 5 sec and Hellfire.

    On earlier levels I did use recklessness to avoid fleeing mobs (due to lower level of hellfire). Overall, i had wipes usually to my mistakes of trying to hasten it. I did run BRD on lv 50 for key initially (that took me 3 hours almost).

    But it's been a blast so far. Finished Tailoring on my 1st lock (4 left). Will pl tailoring to 300 on all toons and then I'll get tank for gold and finish strat for head (first boss + skol for wand) on entranc and maleki for boots.

    Takes time!

    Played time was 11 days 17 hours but I afked 15 hours for sure. If i had known what I know now, it would prolly take me 9 days.

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