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    Ok , let me clear some things up regarding warlocks:

    4x warlock 1x priest always use this specc: (bit changed for something but overall, this is THE SPECC to go if you're running this comp (pvp) )


    Warlock gear:

    As you can see, some pieces can be replaced in p1. I've managed to make 50% of bis gear in p1 almost, and ended up around 4400 hp self buffed and roughly 6500 hp with priest and and imp stamina buffs.

    My spell power in p1 will end up roughly 380 shadow spell power and 500 with elixirs and oil. I have 3 instant dots 4x >12 dots and priest is troll (shoud have ogne for undead tho.) and priest has 20% mortal strike plus swp ticks debuff and swp it'self is 15 dots out of 16 dots cap!

    Plus I have instant shadow bolts which proccs all the time and death coil versus any caster. While downside is that I don't have silence I have;

    Curse of Shadow - 10% shadow dmg extra taken
    Shadow Weaving - 15% shadow dmg extra taken (use r1 swp)
    Demonic Sacrifice - 15% shadow dmg extra done
    Shadow Mastery - 10% shadow dmg or drain life extra done
    Drain Life with 70% pushback protection - 10% extra drain life done
    T1 3x set - extra 15% drain life.

    info - do note that T1 set 2 pieces are BIS and out of all pieces in game I think they have highest stamina/int combination and only lack few spell power from Naxx bis pieces.

    Do note, this setup is etirely based on affliction which means rot playstyle which negates crit since dots can't crit.

    If you combine all those, you will see the incredible scaling, the gear optimization and on top of that nearly 7k hp in p1.
    All I need to do , put 2 gcd dots, and people will die in 12 secs or less. If there are healers present, I'll use coil on them instantly, and if not I'll precoil any warrior to prevent charge>fear..

    There are some items that I'll farm such as Nets so I'll root people from max range and I'll also use the Aoe stuns! I also have 5 aoe fears (4 castedso I can aoe fear mass people).

    I am still developing bis gear for p1 but I am nearly done! Overall, I'll push 400 spell power inp1 which requires perhaps 2 weeks of casual gameplay and then I can pretty much stomp people in pvp.

    I am still testing some things that I can use to my advantage. I've managed to end up with 9000 hp as well in p5 so I'll still take a look at that setup.
    With bis setup, in p6 I cound end up with 1100 spell power which is pure insanity.
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