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    Default Are there any 60 teams clearing Strat/Scholo?

    Wondering if any teams are having success with the level 60 dungeons. I know a lot of people are curious as to what does and doesn't work well at max level.

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    Very curious about this as well - would love to know if any non-trinity comps are capable of that :-)
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    The problem in all of these end game instances in my experience is the amount of silences, stuns, knockbacks, etc.

    It's a problem for any caster team because your DPS output is diminished significantly but particularly for the AE grinding style since you simply can't pull more than one pack at a time in a dungeon like Scholo, for example, because the shadow AE the ghosts do will kill you if you pull 2-3 of them. If you're going to pull single packs then you're better off with the consistent, no downtime style of a melee cleave team anyway.

    I'd be interested to watch videos of people clearing end-game dungeons with the mage/priest teams but I wouldn't bank on it. Seems like this kind of team is stronger in earlier dungeons and falls off late game, whereas melee cleave picks up mid-late game and continues to scale indefinitely with gear.

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    Bottom line is that it will be great to see what people are actually capable of doing here in phase 1.

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    Anxious to see some results as well before I fully commit to leveling a team. I was leaning towards a trinity comp, but it seems likely that long-term success is more likely with a melee comp (at least for those of us wanting to run more difficult dungeons and earn gear/gold). As @Apatheist pointed out, melee scaling is a big plus. Hope to hear from some of the teams who make it to 60 in the coming weeks!

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    I dropped to 3 boxing for making gold, and I am going to give all gold and crated stuff to my main that I have started to play solo with.

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    I play the Warrior, 3 Mages, Priest trinity. Mostly it works fine, but there are a few bosses that are difficult. My warrior and especially my priest are pretty well-geared by now though.

    I have cleared Strath living solo. For strath undead I subbed one of my mages for a Rogue friend so far, but that was just for gear, have not tried it completely solo. The first run had around 10 wipes, then it worked fine without a single on on the second after learning how to approach the encounters. The rogue had awful gear and did less damage than my mages in almost all scenarios, so I do not think this made much of a difference.

    Similarly with Scholo, but I failed on Alexi Barov just before Gandling and gave up. Had all the tools available (Shackle, Decurse, Dispel), but it is just so much to deal with when you have two beefy adds, constant shadow damage ticks and Veil of Shadows Curse. Was also really late and tired at the time though. Scholo is definitely not doable efficiently though in a caster combo because of the magic immune skeletons that you need to kill with shield slam and holy damage. Did all other bosses except Jandice (around 50 magic immunes skeletons in the basement before the boss)/Kirtonos (no quest to summon) though.
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    looks like the priest 4 mage combo needs rank 13 gear first

    from what I've seen so far as a solo shaman, I prefer to run dungeons with 4 warriors or 3 war priest, not as fast as 2 mage with lock/priest but a lot less kiting required (which i suppose isnt as smooth when playing all 5), if all warrs have ravager you're just as fast with trash in 50+ dungeons. I suppose if you dont heavily outgear the endgame dungeons 4 mage priest cant just aoe mass trash pulls down
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