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    Default SM Cathedral - 12 minute run - 10,800 XP

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    With the Warrior nerf maybe be better to run x2 Locks x3 Mages?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    With the Warrior nerf maybe be better to run x2 Locks x3 Mages?
    hmm I don't think that would survive pulls this big, but maybe could clear smaller packs quicker. I think I was still able to do this after the nerf as I could feel a difference with stuff rushing the healer after 1 demo shout because I healed before the pull, I will try it when I get home at school atm haha.

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    That's a manly pull right there! Very gratifying to watch on the big pulls, nice work!
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    With the demo shout nerf, what are people using now?
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    Started doing these runs today with druid/priest/mage/warlock/warlock (although I am just lvl 30 so starting out in RFK).

    Threat is not really an issue other than that it reduces the size of pull I could do (pull needs to be small enough to be able to heal my druid while it uses 6+ Demoralizing Roar before I start aoe and not run out of mana).
    Probably going to try to upgrade my gear before I go into SM for more mana on priest and more hp on druid.

    Biggest issue I noticed is Eye of Kilrogg, sometimes it takes 3 seconds for it to get aggro and sometimes it gets aggro instantly. Sometimes it gets aggro from a distance and sometimes it needs to stand on top of the mob for 3 seconds. Because of how unreliable the aggro is I sometimes get tiny pulls (5-6 mobs) because they get a lot of attacks in and breaks the Power Word: Shield.

    Another issue I had with Eye of Kilrogg is that in one pull the mobs reset after the eye died (probably because I went so far away with it).

    Currently I am getting ~18k xp per hour, kinda low for AoE (although it is a lot lower in reality because of all the mistakes I do and all the breaks I have to take because it is a lot more tiring than grinding non elites or questing).

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