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    Default Bans about gold..

    I have seen 2 forum threads saying they were perma banned for sending their alt or a friend gold.. they can't play bfa either..

    Thought I would warn you as boxers. I trade stuff between my team all the time. Think I'm gonna avoid the mail system.

    This one says rmt but they claim at the end they send gold to alt:

    Could be something, could be nothing.. but my account is 12 years old so I will err on the side of caution.
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    Blizz doesnt ban you for sending money to your alts. all those guys on the forums did something else "wrong" and they know it. ive sent millions between my toons and accounts. Also to friends. They got busted and complain in the internet for attention... nothing new to see here...they bought or sold gold. Period. (99,9%)

    When you trade money to an account you have never dealt with before.... that looks suspiscous
    Also that "friend account" excuse. When the "new account" of your "old friend bob" now is registered to "fred"
    People are stupid.
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    Yeah I know that.. the one person says he sent 50 gold to his brother.. so who knows?

    Another this time in the US
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    Oh Gosh ! I wish I had 50 gold to send to my brother. I feel broke as a joke in classic WOW.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if these people used some sort of anti afk method to avoid the login queues, and got caught.

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    The reason is trading items for real life money though.

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    I constantly juggle money between my group with EMA.

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    I gave a short time working as a GM back in late vanilla / early TBC (which is where I first saw multiboxing and decided to try it), those sort of bans were also handed out to people who had multiple cross faction accounts on pvp realms if they interacted with each other... even if someone your grouped up with kills your opposite faction account and not you directly. People used to guild farm alt accounts to try and beat the hardcore pvp people who spent 12hours a day in pvp for three months to get to rank 14. Problem they had was it used to track your IP address of accounts not account names, so if your brother had his account you could get false flagged for killing him yourself, and there was a generic (economy/honor) email generated and sent to those players.

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    Sending a lot of gold from ALT AH toons/bank guild every month - just to buy token is over 2 millions that changes hands every month.
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    This is stuff thats happened in WoW Classic not BFA.

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