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    Default Post your mage specs

    I think alot of people are interested in what people are specing there dungeon spam teams. What are you specing to get max damage from arcane explosion spam.
    All web sites focus on blizzard solo aoe spec or single target for dungeons. Right now 3 mobs or less I single target 4 or more I spam arcane explosion. But I want to get max damage that I can. I'm 24 so far.

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    I will be going with this for that 30% more dps from when Arcane Power is up (I know others went deep frost)

    It's all good being focused on just AoE but sometimes bosses need to die.

    I have a Druid tank, Priest healer and x3 Mages.
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    I started out with a warrior tank priest healer and 2 mages while my wife played a shaman as a dps. And then when she wasn't playing I would just ad her toon to my box setup. And it was horrible she spam earth shock and take agro from tank and pull mobs herself. So I switched her to druid tank and added another mage and we doing much better. Now we doing great. And when I play solo I'm also enjoying the druid tank with the mages better than the warrior so far. Like you say everyone specing for blizzard and I have yet to use it at all with my group. And in multibox videos I only see arcane explosion being used maybe frost nova. So I want to get max damage from arcane but not sure how. Thank you for your build

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    You're welcome

    I tried Warrior tank first but I find the Druid threat far better.

    Most builds don't include improved wands.. but I think it will be helpful for if mana runs out in the middle of a fight.

    A tip for Druid tank weapon - use this it has charges but you can carry multiple.. it's best in slot for a long time:

    add this to it also:
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    Out if 3 mages I went Fire for one, and frost for the other 2. Im level 26 now, so I just picked up the basic talents for frost and fire, and I'm gonna dump the rest of my points in the arcane tree as I level.

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