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What level were you were you able to start with the AOE pulls?
When I got hellfire was the first time messing around with it. Didn't think it was possible honestly but the warrior tank is very powerful haha. The very first Aoe pulls I did was the RFK circle video/eye pulls, I have been getting way better since haha

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Can you share your tanking macro/rotation for warrior and builds? I run the same team but not AEing yet as I'm waiting for Hellfire (2 more levels)
The talent trees I have are in this new thread. As far a warrior rotation, I have been starting with Bloodrage, then battle shout right before they come in, then I spam demo shout and /start attack macro on the pull to generate rage/threat. I have a couple "o shit" abilities that I use depending on the size of the pull, such as Last stand, shield wall, challenging shout, and a superior health potion haha.

/cast Demoralizing Shout