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    Default Question for setup!

    Any comparisson 4x mage disc between 4x lock disc?

    I am running atm 4xlock disc but want to hear input of people running 4x mage disc. Mainly pvp but also pvp.

    I got gladiator xp , so kinda curious for answers from higher rated pvp and pve guys?

    Obviously Iceblock paired with ARcane explosion paired with some priest buffs etc can make 10 people cry at same time (if they group).

    On other hand, the warlock stamina and scaling of dots ( 10% sm, 10% cos, 15% sw from priest, 15% ds ) can ramp up to 50% extra shadow dmg (plus 100% scaling of dots on spell power and the facto that shadow spell power is insane later on). I mean, you can dot people with corruption with 400 sp and it would act pseudo as it has 600.

    Opinions pls, ty.

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    Not to derail but im interested in your 4x lock disc setup, i have 3 warlocks right now at level 17, but am getting frustrated with not being able to do dungeons, as there is a severe lack of tanks and heals. I was considering the same setup you have, but saw you said its not good at dungeons. Do you think i should level a warrior and priest? Looking for guidance here, i'm new to multiboxing

    (another unrelated note but the order posts show up seems to be backwards, with the newest posts first, can i fix this?)
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