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    Default Looking for private streaming site, storable past broadcast, which Blizzard can access with a password

    As title says, im looking to stream in private, setting up 3 cameras, but giving Blizzard access to look at current and past saved broadcasts at will.

    Looking for a suitable site/software to make this happen, anyone got any tips?

    Its my last ditch effort, the gms think im automating farm keypresses, but im sitting right here... but they only give me around 10 min after they teleport toons slightly around to respond. With all the characters im running across a wall of monitors, this isnt easy. Had some more characters temp banned, fed up with this.

    They have zero issues with my multiboxing, they told me everything is legit, but since im not responding fast enough to the random bot checks, they belive im automating gameplay somehow and is AFK. So they temp ban.
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    This community is not here to help support your large-scale farming effort and allow you to engage in what the vast majority of players would consider to be "unattended gameplay," all while trying to skirt the rules of the game. The way you've discussed your setup and how you play is an absolute embarrassment to the multiboxing playstyle, as well as this community, and you are a prime example of both how not to play this game, and how not to represent a community that you wish to be part of.

    If you can't properly respond to a GM check in 10 minutes—ten-f'ing-minutes—then you're obviously not at the helm, and this forum is not here to assist your repeated attempts to slide under the radar.

    In the recent past, you have received more than one vacation from this forum because of the way that you conduct yourself, and you will find no sympathy here.
    Do not send me a PM if what you want to talk about isn't absolutely private.
    Ask your questions on the forum where others can also benefit from the information.

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