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    Default Wow classic looting

    Im using ahk to multicast my keys. I have 'interact with target' bound and a macro set with /targetlastenemy [nodead].

    this works with one mob. Is there a better way I could be doing this?

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    Personnaly, I keep it simple: slaves target my target and I use the IWT bind.

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    I do the same Interact With Target (IWT). You need to map this key in the WoW key mappings. I map = to IWT then target the dead mob with the main and press = and the slave picks up the loot. Also turn on Auto-Loot.

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    Same as others, I use FFA loot option, and use IWT for mobs that drop something for everyone. Otherwise, I just loot from the toon that needs the item, or from my skinner if not otherwise using someone else. I have found that sometimes, when having everyone loot something, it bugs the mob out, and I can't skin it.

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