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    I found the one in westfall today. It helped me get 15 bandannas x 5. Every time you killed one it would respawn instantly. Could be a good place to grind cloth and xp.
    Yeah I was just coming back to this thread to confirm the one in Westfall also.

    Is the one you are referencing in Westfall West-North-West (WNW) from the Flight Master by the windmill on the cliffs above the coastline?

    To find it I would recommend folk head due West from the Flight master till you hit the coast and then head North on the land on the cliff above the coastline until you hit the Defias folk at the Windmill.

    Note that I found it though exploring and am assuming it is the only or first windmill as you head north (unfortunately I can't get a screenshot as I am stuck in queue). If you hit one windmill and they are not respawning pretty quickly check to see if there are more north...
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    If anyone is in Ashenvale try these Satyr in the top right.. not sure it was a hyperspawn but they were coming fairly quickly.. I had to hearth and log off though so didnt get to test for long

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    A potentially good AOE farming spot I discovered recently is also in wetlands, at the Angerfang encampment.

    There are around 4 camps where orcs spawn, and normally there are a few quests here, one where you have to kill orcs to gather 8 flags per character which is when I came here. I believe the mobs around level 25ish. I was a bit overleveled already and was blasting through these mobs. Some of the camps are probably 7 or 8 mobs but they're easy to farm with 3 mages.

    You can get a decent amount of xp here as well as wool cloth drops.

    Running between gnoll camps is also a decent option in wetlands, but I think the angerfang camps are closer together and spawn more/faster.

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