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    Nice video tryed it for a bit while questing there and they drop plenty of greens . If any one finds a spot for between 30-40 and want to share that would be great. grinding SM for 3 days will wear me out.

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    I should have grabbed screenshots when I was there, but on the west side of Westfall there is a camp of level 13 defias with like a windmill or something there, which will constantly respawn if you kill them all. You'd need AOE to make the most of it though.

    Then in the cave also on the west side, there are constantly some level 15 gnolls or defias mobs spawned. They're not quite as grouped up though so you have to run through the cave and keep killing them.

    Is it the crabs/crawlers that respawn constantly on the beach? I'll have to check that one out.

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    Edit: gonna try again

    Here is a fab spot for Horde farming lowish level.. spider cave mobs respawn so fast.. top left where dot is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    I gave up on boxing classic.. 90mins+ to get one collection quest done across 5 toons was too much for me, and I love questing usually!
    90 min is nothing took me 2 days to get all 40 gnoll paws
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moorea View Post
    90 min is nothing took me 2 days to get all 40 gnoll paws
    Dedication haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by rleur View Post
    I've been killing the lvl 14 ones and 18 ones down the shore. They don't aggro unless attacked which is nice and they really do respawn fast. Must have killed hundreds over the past 2 days. Thats now definitely my goto place for low level grind leveling.
    in westfall? what mobs again? my guys are that level.. questing is driving me insane.. need good grind spoy ( 12-15 lvl )
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    Go east in Westfall to the beach then head north. They will be after the first group of murlocs

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    Any in the horde area? barrens, etc.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fat Tire View Post
    Any in the horde area? barrens, etc.?
    I mentioned Silverpine in my post earlier.

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    I found the one in westfall today. It helped me get 15 bandannas x 5. Every time you killed one it would respawn instantly. Could be a good place to grind cloth and xp.
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