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    Default Ask people to que for named mobs!

    Soooo, I don’t know what servers everyone is playing on, but on mine, named mob kill quests are beyond a cluster fuck... it took me over 25 mins to manage to tag one amid a people cluster humping the spawn point... the solution more queues!
    i have found an way that most people respond... as you come to the area drop off your toons in a straight line and /say que up and group up guys... it has turned a 30man scrum and 15 mins waiting around the spawn of people body blocking/spamming macros to out of the area in less than five, and the joy of it is we all come with our own premade queue... I did this all last night and it actually really sped us all up!

    i forgot to say the best parts are; as the guy who forms the que you’re nearly always at the top, and if someone tries to skip the que the people behind you will freak out and call them out so you don’t have to be the bad guy who flips out.
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    Funnily enough, I made a macro called choo choo, that’s just toon B follows A, C follows B, D follows C and E follows D, just so I don’t have to manually move them and make it too obvious what I’m doing.
    Just press it as off to the side as I approach to drop them all off following my master. It also helps I’m multi class/multi race so I’m less likely to get the fuck you bot, it still happens but only maybe twice over twenty or so quests doing it.

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