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    Quote Originally Posted by Mmrwowboxer View Post
    I would say run up to the first boss in DM, pulling one mob at a time, and then resetting the instance BEFORE you try the first Ogre boss. Equip your new greens before every run, and when things start dying really fast and ur confident enough then go ahead and pull the first boss and try to progress through the instance. Once you get some greens with stats on them on all your characters you get much stronger. Such a big difference. I used this method when my team was level 17. You probably can start earlier because I was in all whites so a few levels levels wouldn't be too much of a difference. Even out in the world I would have trouble pulling 2 or 3 mobs my level with whites on, but now that I'm geared I can run im to full camps of 5 and clear them without healing.

    So what I'm saying is gear matters much more than level it seems.

    Awesome that's a great tip! I've been able to handle 4 targets decently. But panic if I need to CC so I'm working on keybindings to make it more comfortable. I might go farm the pre-instance part of deadmines to see how I handle the smaller area. Casters absolutely shred me right now. If there's only one I charge ->bs->def stance->rage->shield bash before the first cast and then they die but if I get caught off guard I have to mash my holy light keybind and pop hs/pots. I think 3 fireballs with no healing would kill my warrior.

    As far as gear goes I've made what crafted greens I can, and equip BoE ones if they are good for one of my toons. If they aren't good I DE them which I think isn't good at low levels but I need the skill-ups and I'm staying afloat on silver for now. I think 3-5 greens per toon right now. Good wep shitty shield on warrior so I'm hoping for that one off the miner rare. paladin just stands back so I don't have to worry about AoE but he's literally a heal/utility bot I'm not sure if I should just get him a good wep and rest int gear and have him auto spam. Still sad he's not a priest or druid but I didn't wanna run a druid to dun morough lol and I wanted blessings. I'll just have to do a priest in my next team
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixrizz View Post
    Hey I'm glad I you posted this. I recently bought ISBoxer and 5 wow accounts and multi-boxxing for the first time. I am running War(prot), Paladin(Holy), Mage (frost), Hunter(BM), and Lock(affliction).
    The problem is hunters don't synchronize particularly well with mages or warlocks. The deadzone means you'll have to manage your hunter separately when you're AE spamming arcane explosion and hellfire and hunters don't have very good AE damage. You can make it work if you really want a hunter but it's less efficient than a second mage or warlock.

    I wouldn't worry about choosing paladin over priest. You have to remember that 90% of your time in classic you use single target heals. AE Heals like prayer of healing cost a lot of mana. Even on a priest, it's almost always more mana efficient to cast 2-3 heals (the spell "Heal") or greater heal on the tank rather using prayer of healing. Especially in dungeons where there aren't really any big AE spells that are going to hit your entire party. Once your paladin gets some +healing gear and a decent amount of MP5/crit/int you can literally spam downranked flash of light non stop without running OOM. Paladins are the most efficient healers in the game by a large margin.

    As for getting started in Deadmines, I'd advise looking on wowhead for quests that award green mail items with stamina for your tank or intelligence cloth for your casters. Spend a bit of time grinding humanoids in the fast spawn locations people have mentioned and level up tailoring to craft yourself some low level greens

    Having an extra 10 int and spirit doesn't sound like a lot if you're coming from retail but it will increase your mana pool significantly for your healer and casters and the armor/stamina on some of the low level quest mail will make your warrior a lot more sturdy. I wouldn't step in to deadmines until I at least had 3-4 greens at level 18 or 20. Once you're ready though, it's smooth sailing from there. You just farm out the dungeon until you have all the drops you want and the mobs are grey, then move to the next dungeon and repeat.

    Like I said, the hardest part is getting started. The first 20 levels preparing for DM were slower than grinding 20-30 inside dungeons for me.
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    As someone who was asking if multiboxing is worth it a week ago, I've done a complete 180 on my feelings about it. Once you get used to your team and setup it clicks, and things get totally smooth. You will never want to go back. It's almost too much power for one person to have, lol.

    My only experience is with my 3 mages on dps, and once I got geared in all greens I can run in, arcane explosion, and things die in 2 or 3 gcd's. Doesn't matter if it's 2 mobs or 7.

    Those same kill and loot quests that were so tedious at early levels are much easier when you can kill a whole camp in 3 seconds. I even beat 2 ?? level Horde gankers in Westfall, a priest and rogue.

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    Level 26 currently with: Shaman, Warrior, Mage, Warlock, Rogue

    It isn't the most amazing/efficient group in the world but I melt just about anything I encounter.

    Just waiting on Windfury for the melee and not getting bored outta my mind of clear dungeons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipeax View Post

    I finished my grind.
    Congrats man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipeax View Post

    I finished my grind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipeax View Post
    ... I finished my grind.
    WOW! Amazing and GratZ!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipeax View Post

    I finished my grind.
    I am curious how you handled bosses with your comp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipeax View Post

    I finished my grind.
    Very nice - congratulations! Let us know how you fare with the end-game instances for the pre-raid BiS farm :-)
    Classic - Pyrewood Village, Horde, EU

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