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With the group looting system, only one toon in my team of 5 gets the loot from downed mobs. This paired with the loot and gather quests is a nightmare.

It makes me wonder if there is even a benefit to Multiboxing, (gold farming wise). Besides being able to kill mobs faster, it seems like it would be simpler and easier to kill and loot one toon, leveling the solo way.
Welcome to classic. Enjoy your stay!
Playing solo to farm gold is always an option. I must ask, though: why are you gold farming in Classic? Retail is SOOOOO much easier to farm gold in. I'm not sure anybody that's been paying attention is going to play classic to farm gold (except for the gold farmers spamming us last night). They/we all knew it was much harder than retail in terms of the lack of super-EZ-mode skills and macros and addons and weak mobs and infinite mana and not having to deal with standing still while casting and no hunter deadzone and etc. Yes. This is how things were intended to be by design. They already have plans to nerf things that add retail-like LFG tools and some other convenience addons.

The good news is your sub pays for both classic and retail, so you can do either one at any time. EZPZ!