With the group looting system, only one toon in my team of 5 gets the loot from downed mobs. This paired with the loot and gather quests is a nightmare.

It makes me wonder if there is even a benefit to Multiboxing, (gold farming wise). Besides being able to kill mobs faster, it seems like it would be simpler and easier to kill and loot one toon, leveling the solo way.

Please tell me I'm missing something, like maybe I will get more all around gold and loot with my toons ungrouped.

Why do you multibox in Vanilla? Is it just for fun? Does the faster kill rate make up for the clunkiness and time lost to looting on one char per mob at a time? Is this even a valid method of farming gold?

Sorry for all the questions, I was up all night leveling my party to lvl 9, and I'm really second guessing my plans at the moment.