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    Default Wondering If multiboxing is even worth it at this point.

    With the group looting system, only one toon in my team of 5 gets the loot from downed mobs. This paired with the loot and gather quests is a nightmare.

    It makes me wonder if there is even a benefit to Multiboxing, (gold farming wise). Besides being able to kill mobs faster, it seems like it would be simpler and easier to kill and loot one toon, leveling the solo way.

    Please tell me I'm missing something, like maybe I will get more all around gold and loot with my toons ungrouped.

    Why do you multibox in Vanilla? Is it just for fun? Does the faster kill rate make up for the clunkiness and time lost to looting on one char per mob at a time? Is this even a valid method of farming gold?

    Sorry for all the questions, I was up all night leveling my party to lvl 9, and I'm really second guessing my plans at the moment.

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    Same reasons that us old folks started? Not needing to waste time finding group. Having the ability to get things done 100% of your playtime?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EaTCarbS View Post
    Same reasons that us old folks started? Not needing to waste time finding group. Having the ability to get things done 100% of your playtime?
    EaTCarbS knows what's up.

    For real, though, I multibox for the reasons above, as well as the added challenge of gameplay and theorycrafting/design in ISBoxer, "the game," but, to be fair, this is also why I didn't want to jump into multiboxing Classic immediately. When TBC and/or Wrath roll around again, then it'll likely be a different story.

    Personally, if multiboxing for gold is your thing, I think we're going to see only the most dedicated in that area stick around for the long run, because Classic is clunky and everything takes a lot of time to do—this isn't going to change much when TBC and Wrath are re-released either.

    Is there a payout at the end, in Classic? Perhaps, but you're going to have to follow the path and finish the journey to find out. #SurvivalOfTheFittest
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mmrwowboxer View Post
    benefit to Multiboxing, (gold farming wise).
    You can clear dungeons and all the loot is yours and not shared with 4 other people. It's more fun to play multiple characters (imho). Most will run dungeons to level with a few quests here and there. If you want to quest, skip the looting type quests (eg: 10 Scorpid tails) and go for the Kill 10 Scorpids type quests, instead.
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    5boxing is slower than running 1 single character but way faster than leveling 5 characters solo...

    In general I skipped all the looting/gather quests and mainly did kill quests or FedEx type quests or grinded mobs (preferably ones that dropped cloth)... Right now the toon I am running in the foreground is my main aggro character that has first priority on gear and I filled that character's bag slots to give him as large an inventory as possible and for now I set loot on "Free for All". I also made that main lead my skinner as I am skinning way more than gathering or mining...

    So far it has been working pretty well with the above approach as I really only loot on one character most of the time. I suspect once I start running dungeons and start receiving Bind on Pickup (BoP) gear I may need to change to Master Looter or something so I can make sure the right characters get the right BoP items...

    In general I like the challenge of multiboxing and being able to gear my characters in at least pre-raid BiS at my own speed and preferences.

    I do also hope that it ends up being very profitable to funnel gold into my main(s).

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    Here's the reasons why I multibox:

    1. It makes the game much more complex. Much more of a puzzle. How do I effectively heal? What spells do I group? How do I manage CC?

    2. Leveling is slow, but gearing is not because you can run dungeons whenever you want and funnel gear to one character.

    3. LFGs in Vanilla is soooo time consuming. Just wait. Your healer DC'd? Hearth to IF or Org and start spamming for a healer....wait 30 mins to get one and then find out they are awful. Don't have a lock in the party? Better get on a boat then fly then hoof it.

    4. Every's nice while leveling that I don't have to choose. I can make bags, wands, and gather leather, ore, and flowers.

    5. If you are looking to be competitive in Raiding, having 5 toons geared is a leg up. I've gotten into guilds based on having every class available to raid. Husband/Wife healer team left? No problem, I've got a priest. Need another tank for Four Horseman? Have three Fury Warriors.

    6. When you have a 5 man group you will not compete for spawns/quests when leveling through dungeons. That means limited travel time and no hassle of pvp. And you don't have to wait for group mates.

    Yes, it is painfully slow at the beginning....but build a 5 man group and level through dungeons. I have a feeling it will speed up tremendously from there.

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    This is classic in a nutshell. It was the spinoff of Everquest ideas which had worse and more punishing modules that were time consuming. Coming from EQ to WoW was a breath of fresh air and these nuances now were actually huge improvements from back then.

    I hope you find it enjoyable though if you never experienced it. WoW classic is an entirely different game than what we have now. Myself I'm limited more than ever on time and Retail is sufficient.
    If you have time on your hands Classic can swallow it all up and ask for more.

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    I do hope folks who are mboxing for near RMT reasons (only farming for goal of getting gold for tokens or worse in bfa) stay out of classic tbh
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    I decided to only play Classic solo, and stick with Retail for my multiboxing. Besides being less polished, classic just feels like retail without herilooms.

    But man the hype is real. Theres 25 new threads and probably 75 posts a day lately, 74 of those being about classic.

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    I can tell you right now, I ran 5 mages and I'm 13 atm with them and it was so far a disaster. Absolute disaster.

    Competition for loot and mobs combined with needing x5 more and so many looting quests vs killing.

    I'm praying I can go into some dungeons and try to CC kill with them otherwise idk, might have to bring up a healer/tank.

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