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    Default New guy here need help

    Hey all I just started multiboxing 3 warlocks and im having a blast! Currently at level 12 and using that EMA addon and ISboxer

    How do I get my warlocks to face my target using commands? Cant find anything online

    also is there an English video on how to use EMA?
    -I can not figure out how to get my 2 slaves to turn in a quest when my master does I have to do it individually.. not a huge deal just could be better!
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    There is no /face command in WoW. See for other threads suggesting possible remedies for your facing issue.

    As for EMA quest turn-ins:
    1. Run up to quest NPC.
    2. /assist and Interact with Target.
    3. If the quest does not have a selectable loot option (like different weapons) when you Complete it on your main, your alts should complete it as well.

    If the above does not work, are all of your characters in EMA's team list?
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