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    Default [LF] Classic Addon to Auto-Equip Gear

    Hello everyone!

    I am wondering if an addon that auto-equips a better looted gear exists in Classic?

    I am using one on Retail (can't remember the name now) but couldn't find a Classic alternative...

    Does this exist?

    Thanks for your help, have fun!

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    SpartanUI have it build in
    Eonar - EU

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    Thanks for pointing it out!
    I ran the setup wizard on my main, and noticed that it says auto - equip better quest reward.
    I wonder if it also scans for bags after looting a mob? Will try it later with the whole team.
    Anyways I actually like the look of this UI, will keep using it, thanks for sharing!

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    is this the addon your talking about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadone View Post
    is this the addon your talking about?
    Yes that's the one!

    I didn't find a way to make it work in Classic...

    In the meantime I've discovered that Zygor Classic does auto-equip the best gear on my other chars, no need to Alt-Tab to equip them all, the addon does it for you! I hate this is a paid addon, hopefully you can find free versions online, before actually paying the devs for their awesome work!

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    atm i used th above mentioned Autogear. Its stated to work with classic, and till now it does a good job during my levelphase.

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    I've been using autogear as well. It's a little annoying in that it lacks some features like the ability to weight pure +healing, or the inability to disable certain aspects like, STOP TRYING TO REPLACE MY RAVAGERS (or other proc weapons with no stats), every .5s.

    Other than that, it's been pretty nice to cycle green gear from the character I drive. I just trade plate down the line, and it auto equips any upgrades. I do recommend you open up the LUA tho, and redefine some of the stat weights, for example, for warriors it values strength so much that it will prefer a piece of gear that is str/int, over a str/stam piece, if the strength with the int is just a couple points higher than the str on the stam piece.

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