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    Does anyone have a list of gathering nodes found inside dungeons?

    Edit: NVM...I put one together
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    can you link your list? that would be very helpful

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    I'd love to compare notes.

    Here's the alliance-centric list I put together a while back (based on wowhead).
    deadmines: copper, tin, silver (1,65,75); bruiseweed (100)
    Wailing caverns: copper, tin, silver (1,65,75); bruiseweed, earthroot, kingsblood,liferoot,mageroyal (100,15,125,150)
    shadofang keep: none
    blackfathom deeps: tin, silver (65,75), bruiseweed, strangekelp (100,85)
    stockade: none
    razorfen kraul: silver, iron, gold (65,125,155); briarthorn, fadeleaf (70,160)
    gnomereggan: none
    SM (graveyard): fadelaf, goldthorn, kingsbloom,liferoot, grave moss (160,170,125,150,120)
    Razorfen Downs: arthas' tears, goldthorn, grave moss (220,170,120)
    Uldaman: silver, iron,gold, mithril, truesilver (65,125,155,175,230)
    Zul Farak: none
    Maraudon: gold, mithril, truesilver (155,175,230); blindweed, ghost mushroom, stranglekelp (235,245,85)
    Sunken Temple: none
    Blackrock Depths: dark iron (230)

    FYI, In an earlier post about pros/cons of dungeon-leveling there were some reports that (in the low level dungeons available during beta) there were generally only 1-2 mineral nodes per instance; which would mean keeping mining up-to-date (strictly) in dungeons is probably not possible. I imagine herbalism is about the same.

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