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    Question [Classic Horde] Multi boxing friendly guilds

    Good morning,

    Please list any multi boxing friendly horde guilds here so we can keep a consolidated area for new players to search. I myself am looking for one on Whitemane but will consider moving servers.

    Than you!

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    Server: Herod - NA PvP Eastern
    Faction: Horde
    Raid Time: 6pm-11pm EST (days and star/end times TBD)
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    Interested in the worlds largest multiboxer guild for Classic WoW?
    <Overload> Multiboxer guild for end game raiding
    Server: Herod - NA-PvP, Eastern
    Faction: Horde
    Raid Time: 6pm-11pm EST on Sat, Sun, Tues.

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    Europe : Overkill on Zandalar Tribe
    US : Overload on Herod

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    Maximum Efficiency
    Server: Mograine-EU
    Faction: Alliance

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