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    Default How to loot, skin efficiently?

    What tips or tricks do you guys use to be efficient at looting and skinning mobs to minimize down time?

    I'm leaning more toward an open world DOT/kite/on the move group but have no idea how that plays out in terms of looting. It seems like any efficiency I might gain with being mobile and killing mobs with minimal focused target time will be lost in having to circle back and loot each mob.

    I'll be using ISBoxer. Can you have your interact with target (for looting purposes) bound to a key press down for one character and then the skinning character interact with target sent on the key press up?

    Can you do like a round robin mouse over interact with target on a pile of bodies to have the team split up and loot?

    Is it possible to make a macro to have characters target a different mob corpse but of the same mob name or macro to just target random dead target?

    Thanks guys!

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    I personally just will click the body on and hit my IWT broadcast a few times, this will have the followers loot and then the skinners skin.

    You probably could make a Skinner action group and then a keymap to first targetlasttarget and then IWT.

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    I plan on having only 1 skinner (because you can't multi skin) and have it the lead so I can mouse over dead mobs and see the cursor change, which you won't if you don't drive from a skinner
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    I plan to drive from my skinner and also make him my primary looter. I plan to use VFX to source in the minimaps of my Herbalist, Miner, & Treasure Hunter.

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