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    Default Level individually or as a group before first dungeon?

    I was planning to level my 5 man team as a group, but recently have been thinking about leveling them separately to about 12/13 for RFC.

    It would help with the initial hate as everyone in the starting areas sees you are boxing. There would be sufficient quests and not as much grinding to do. I have a concern that a 5man group will need lots of grinding to keep up, but the zones will be heavily camped at launch.

    I am sure others have considered this. What have you decided to do and why?

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    I'm split on this too, just because it might take the same amount of time to 5 man to 14 as it would to solo. The thinking behind it is "after I get my first character to 10 the starting area should be a bit more manageable so each character after that should be quicker.

    However, it's still going to be launch night and I think it's going to be nuts for at least 30-40 hours so we might aswell do 5 right away.

    I'm leaning towards 5 but we'll see.

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    I think you're much better off going 5-man and running to higher level mobs. Yeah it might be a bit of a grind, but you can kill the mobs easily while 99% of the other players cannot, so you won't have to fight over tagging things.

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    Going 5 man even though I can't play until the Friday morning - Not sure if it's faster, but it feels less repetitive.

    If I had a mixed starting location team, maybe then I'd do 1 by 1.
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    I'm going to grind at least till lvl 4. You can kill mobs 3-4 lvls higher then you. But I don't think you get that much more exp for killing mobs 3-4 levels above you.
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    Many people are planning on grouping their team in a starting area at level 1 and leveling up as a group (in many cases leveraging FedEx approaches where possible).

    Many responses already in this and other threads:

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    I'm going to level in pairs, so I don't anger people too much. Go down to one if its too crowded. No gathering quests, plan on only the easy quests and grinding. Then gather 5 for RFC. I loot more stuff this way too.

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    I'm just gonna run around in a mob grinding mobs as quickly as possible. Like others have said, you can tackle higher level stuff, so you can always just jump ahead of the pack a bit and kill stuff a little bit harder than you should. Grinding as a 5 box is so mindless, because you kill stuff so quickly, that I find it vastly superior to how fiddly questing is. Questing MIGHT actually be faster at this point, depending on when you manage to get logged in and your setup working, but, for me, I'd rather mindlessly run around fragging mobs for an extra 2 hours, than worry about who has picked up which quest items/drops. That said, any "go to" and kill quests are worth doing so long as you massacre everything you run into as you go.

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