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    Question 1 Warrior + 4 Elem/Resto Shaman

    Hello, i'm new to Multiboxing, i use the basic IS-boxer so far.

    I was wondering about a good Classic Team to run Dungeon on a PVE server.

    First i tryed : War / 3 Mage / Priest, it worked well but I was missing something

    For fun I did try 5 Shaman, and it was really fun so I began to study little more about a viable team made of Shaman

    I ended with :

    1 X Warrior (still not sure if I should go Arms or Prot)
    4 X Elem/Resto Shaman

    With this team you can easely DPS with Shock every 6 sec while hiting mobs with weapon (2H staff) at same time, which give a surprising good DPS.

    You have 4 Healer aswell so you can counter the mana issue from Shaman with downranking Heal when you have to heal the Warrior. (this work for damage Spell too)

    Of course having several Shaman allow you to get lot's of totems, but for leveling you don't need them all.
    4 Shaman can pull of 4 Healing Totem + 4 Magma Totem or 4 Fire Nova Totem.

    Actualy i did check the Totems damage on Classic DB, and it's prety good if you have the +15% fire damage talent, 1 Fire Nova Totem is like making 2 to 3.5 Arcane Explosion (depend on the Crit, with +100% crit damage talent), but is much more Mana efficient.

    Using the MP5 rule let you regen passively your mana while damaging mobs with your Staff and Totems.

    Of course there are another synergy with the Warrior, like the WF totem, we can even Taunt and Tank mob with the Stoneclaw Totem (to save the Warrior if needed), make the Team/Warrior Tankier with Stoneskin Totem. Instant Chain ligntning or Instant Chain heal are for sure very usefull

    Those are some sample of what this Team would be able to make.

    Do you think that this one can be viable ?

    I thanks you already for your advises and apologize for my poor English, made my best
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    I think this works better than 5x shaman as it gives better tanking for harder boss and mobs, especially once DM is released.

    I personally plan on 1x druid and 4x shamans (all Tauren) as , so I can use the druid as a feral tank or boomkin (3 crit) / emergency tank.

    Plus with talents, cat form gets 30% speed to keep up with ghost wolf until they get travel.

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    Personally I like the idea of Druid for Tank with 4 Shaman as you can just change gear and be an all ranged "turret" party yet still have a full tank option.

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    I did try Druid and I didn't like the gameplay.

    Like I explained in my first post I don't plan to stay away and nuke the mobs (if I do so, I won't be able to proc the MP5 regen)

    My plan is to go close combat with the warrior (which is the main tank) decrease the incoming damage with his shouts and the Shaman Totem, increasing my own team damage with his battle shout and Shaman Totem (+STR / +AGI) put an AOE Fire Totem and just auto-attack mob and slowly regen mana.

    At lvl 60 you get :
    +290 AP from the Warrior
    +90 STR (180 AP) from the Earth Totem
    +90 AGI (4,5% Crit) from the Air Totem
    +550 AP from Rockbiter Buff (i won't have the Talent to increase it)

    So even without being an enhancement Shaman having always +1020 AP, i should be able to make descent DPS whith slow Staff.
    So for me not going in close combat is like loosing free DPS, even if i'm Elem spec.

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    If you make a ele/enh hyrbid build it seems fine. I plan to experiment different combinations and builds to find the most effective for my team.

    The warrior is a better tank and battle shout is nice, ive just found druids allow more synergy in team combos with 4x shamans with either spell spell or melee crit, easy tank rotation, mark of the wild, and travel form, rejuv, and brez.

    If I had any plans to roll a warrior or MT in raids, id go with warrior.

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