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    Default Raiding up to end game raiding

    Hello all,

    As the title says I was hoping any one know it could tell me.
    How effective or how many problems in gonna have if I'm gonna raid in classic wow
    Will there be fights I have to run out with 1 char suddenly to some where?
    As I'm planning to level 4 warriors and maybe raid with 3 of them as fury.

    And let's forget the part I have to get 3x as much consumables.
    Talking pure raid tactics how far can I come until I'm gonna fail and let's for now say I'm a noob (I did a good amount of practising but let's for get that part for now)

    Thank you in advance

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    Maybe just to be sure to point out
    I got the intract with target under control
    I got the face towards target also under controle
    Done plenty of test
    Played with various classes
    Done plenty of dungeons successfull

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    you're the bomb!! at least 1 encounter - also, is your guild ok with it?

    finally, can you share the macro / melee rotation you will use on the warriors? Trying to figure that one out
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    Problems you will have...
    getting 3dps warriors into any raid... seriously vannila wow was about as open minded about class rolls as South Africa was about race in the 80’s. Geared fury warriors were the best dps but they sucked until they were geared.
    raid wise,
    ZG, should be ok up to the corrupted blood part of hakaar.
    AQ 20, can’t honestly remember it
    onxyia, no problems... just remember your going to spend at least one phase spamming your gun/bow
    MC is fine until geddon, fuck that bomb bullshit on small boxes screens, and the knock back from Raggy will have you dead drowned in lava before you get the first two back on dry land.
    BWL once you pass razorgore it shouldn’t be too difficult just hug the main tank for suppression room, otherwise your toons on follow will fall into the slow shit.
    AQ40, ya that’s a no for C’thun
    nax, ya fuck Thaddeus... fuck him hard.

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    I plan to just raid on 1 Warrior to begin with until I am very confident on the raids and any/all movement required and then consider bringing more to raid content that makes sense.

    With my multiple Warriors I plan to be grinding instances with the long term goal of getting all of them full pre-raid BiS gearsets though I will be prioritizing in the short term one as my main who gets his full gear-set first. Once a given slot is maxed on my main I likely will move to focus on the boss for the next slot needed for that main & planning on later coming back to farm the previous boss for any warriors that still need that slot filled... I would also be using gold generated to enchant my main's gear & building my stock of raid consumables.

    As soon as my main Warrior is full pre-raid BiS on all (or at least on most) slots I would focus on raiding with it getting it max raid gear from the progression raids (new raids for the guild). I would be taking notes for any raids where there is lots of movement and/or knockback type scenarios where I was almost dying on 1 character and make sure to denote not to bother with 2+ in that content...

    When not raiding on the main Warrior I would circle back with the other Warriors grinding whatever dungeon bosses needed to finish any slots that were not also BiS (and generating gold to fund my main) until all have full pre-raid BiS gearsets.

    I would then look to bring them to the raids where I feel confident that any mechanics should work for multiboxing & where my "muscle memory" is already established. Guilds often are running catch-up raids to gear newcomers or replacement players to the guild so that would likely be where I would start though obviously new/actual players would have priority on drops. That would be a win-win for the guild as often they need help with catch-up raids as many of their core raiders would want to be farming gold and/or doing other stuff instead of running old content that doesn't have any gear upgrades for them anymore.
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