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    Default Who's joining a PVE server?

    Is anyone joining Pagle, Mankrik, Atiesh, Myzrael or Remulos? Would like to join the one with the most boxers. Even better a guild. Only seeing people joining PVP servers.

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    I am. I'll be on Mankrik.
    You may want to check out this thread from nodoze (now using google forms)

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    As it currently stands, I'll be on Pagle.
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    I reserved my names on Myzrael, not sure if ill do alliance or horde yet

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    I am on Atiesh PVE and Whitemane PVP On the Horde side
    5 Boxing ❮WicKeD ArmY❯ Runetotem US Horde

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    I may start on launch, but I have a big vacation coming up so I may wait too. I started WoW back on beta Vanilla, but only found multiboxing in BC. So I want to see how classic feels for a multiboxer.

    Have not decided which server yet, but I will be PVE west coast. So its going to be either Atiesh or Myzrael.

    Through the years I have built out almost all the classes into teams. Most likely the classic Tank/4Sham on horde, but I do enjoy a 5 hunter team too since my original toon was a hunter and 5 hunters does a crap ton of damage. Not sure if they brought back the special pets? Guess I should look that up.

    Edit - I'll start a team on Atiesh (showing full) and Old Blanchy if the queues don't die off - PVE horde
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    Me and a few buddies are going on Mankrik

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    Pyrewood Village here
    Classic - Pyrewood Village, Horde, EU

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