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    Default Warrior + Shaman

    Hello, everyone. Brand new to all of this, and really excited to start the process/hobby.

    My hope is to dualbox a Primary (Warrior) with a Shaman during leveling, and potentially in 5mans and raids afterwards.

    Since it's only two characters, is ISBoxer necessary? I'm mostly looking to ensure I'm doing this as efficiently as I can, and I'm not quite ready to accomplish some of the crazier parties you all throw together.

    Sorry if this is missplaced, I'm just genuinely very excited and can't wait to learn more.
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    If your goal is ease of use and maximum efficiency, then yes, ISBoxer is your best option.

    If you just wanna screw around and not do any content that requires more careful thought, then there are several options. ISBoxer is definitely not a "requirement" to multibox successfully.
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    I actually play single client games under ISboxer as it is that game changing.

    The only time I don't is when the given game both isn't supported and has insurmountable issues (which is pretty rare) or if it something I won't be playing long.

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    Okay, very good to know. It's not as though access to IS is too prohibitively expensive -- is there anything I should keep in mind for two clients, tips and tricks wise?

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    If you plan to PVP the main thing I would recommend is that you decide which character will be your "main" (pun intended)...

    By "main" I mean the character that you would chose to play when you go into places where multiboxing doesn't work (like in BattleGrounds like Warsong Gulch, AB, AV, etc) or where you go into places where multiboxing isn't typically welcome (like Progression Raids in a progression raiding guild)...

    Once you decide which is your "main" I would try to mainly (pun intended) drive from that character.

    The reason I recommend that is because it should make it more natural and you should perform better when in PVP or challenging progression PVE...

    That isn't required by any means and for example you may find it too awkward if you plan to main a healer and are driving your team from the healer. That being said it may be that you find it a natural fit for you and help you be better when you are not boxing.

    Bottom line is that in a PVP game that is something I would at least consider up front and try.
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    Entirely valid. I am playing on a PvP server, but it's not my primary focus at all.

    Good looking out.

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    The main reasons you want to use ISBoxer imo:
    1. Healing with shaman will be really easy. You can heal with shaman while controlling from warrior and you will be able to heal other players. To heal other players with other software while not controlling from healer is something that is very hard to setup (but not impossible).

    2. Built in FTL (control from any character and other characters assist/follow that character). Not a huge deal when only playing 2 characters but still useful.
    The main reason you would want to change who you control from is that for dungeons you probably want to control warrior, hard to tank when you don't directly control the character.
    When you pvp you might want to control from shaman and just spam IWT on warrior to stay on targets. This will allow you to kite with shaman.
    You can setup this in most software for multiboxing but takes more effort.

    3. It is really easy to use ISBoxer. Other software is harder to use since you need to do a lot more to replicate the built in things in ISBoxer.
    I kinda like programming, so I choose to not use ISBoxer and come up with solutions to what I want to do myself. I like doing that but for other people I would just recommend them to use ISBoxer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xandorz View Post
    The main reasons you want to use ISBoxer imo:
    ... [LOTS OF GOOD INFO] ...
    I kinda like programming, so I choose to not use ISBoxer and come up with solutions to what I want to do myself. I like doing that but for other people I would just recommend them to use ISBoxer.
    Pretty cool that even people who choose not to use ISboxer still recommend it for most people.

    I agree with your points & I really like the fast switching between game clients leveraging a foreground/background approach and being able to throttle the background client(s) as well as via VFX bring relevant portions of the background client(s) to the foreground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nodoze View Post
    being able to throttle the background client(s)
    If you mean bg fps, that's a built in feature of the wow client (btw both fg and bg fps work much better in my experience set in the client rather than isboxer, I set 60/30 when streaming and it stays at exactly 60/30 which avoids issues when streaming)
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