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    Default what is the min hardware require for run 5 chars multibox on classic


    as wow is a old game , I think maybe I do not need buy newest hardware to run it , pls help me to check if these is enough :

    cpu AMD Athlon 860k , 4 core 4 thread
    motherboard : FM2A88M-HD
    memory : ddr3 16G
    display card : GTX750TI 4G
    ssd : samsung 250G

    if these is not enough , could anyone suggest a least cost composition ?

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    Your hardware should be fine. Just don't expect to run your graphics settings on ULTRA. Look up "slot swap macro" around the forums here and you should see multiple examples.
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    I 5 boxed Vanilla/BC/WoTLK with less hardware than that and sometimes with bad cooling (on a laptop when traveling). The biggest thing I found to make it bearable was using ISboxer to throttle the background windows FPS way down. I may have still had heat issues on my laptop and I may have also used MSI Afterburner (if I recall correctly) to make the background clients even less taxing.

    If you run into performance or heat issues I would look at one or both of those tools.

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