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    Default EU - Anyone going Zandalar Tribe RP-PVP server

    Im still torn between PVP or RP-PVP

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    If my memory is correct I have predominately seen the following for EU:

    -PVE: Pyrewood V. (Normal English);
    -PVP: Shazzra (PVP English);

    I have not seen anyone discuss nor post about Zandalar and I received no hits when searching our Forums.

    I am in the process of putting all the data from the 'List of Classic WoW Multibox Teams' thread into a new Google Forms based spreadsheet and hope to have graphs available soon with more details.

    TThe above being said my memory may be incorrect as I my head is swimming a little right now as I have never done Google Forms before and I have read so many threads/posts they all seem to be bleeding together right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plohse1975 View Post
    Im still torn between PVP or RP-PVP
    You coming with us Plohse!
    We are Orcnapping you to Shazzrah!

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    LOL Stridsberg.

    Så det sådan vi gør det 😀👍

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    I'm dualboxing and probably going Zandalar (I really want to play on a RP-PvP server)

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