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    Hey, everyone. I've been running a WAR/Shaman combo with me tanking and healing the whole time. This has been fairly effective, but my healer always ends up assisting and running in to combat with me, or even sometimes just sprinting away from combat and into other packs if the mob is moving when I hit an keybind they share.

    Any tips on:

    1.) Not having my healer in combat with me, in melee range

    2.) Not having it run off like an idiot

    3.) Anything related to a dualbox of both tank and healer

    Would all be greatly appreciated!

    Also, I use ISBoxer.
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    have movement keys exclusive to your shaman, break follow before engaging in melee.
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    When I use any of my keybinds it appears to also force an assit, which makes the healer Sprint into melee. I don't share movement keys.

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    If you are using ISBoxer, then presumably in the quick setup wizard you left the 'auto-assist' option checked. Then it does indeed add an assist step to all the mapped keys. Maybe run the wizard again and turn off the assist option.

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