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    Version 1.0 has been released!

    Major moments:
    • Is free.
    • Has donation button
    • No UPX packing

    When WoW Classic starts and I will play a lot then new versions may come.

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    Default Levelbuddy - version 1.5 released

    What's new:

    [+] Auto-follow feature. When you press 'W' it broadcasts as follow-macro key.
    [+] Auto-assist-2 feature. Right click also can trigger assist-macro key.


    [%] Left+right click now "holds" UP-key until buttons are released.
    [%] 'S' key removed from excluded keys. This key appears to be useful to stop minion.
    [%] The font of exclusion list changed to fixed width.

    [-] Fixed bug with click through feature.

    Also version has been tested with WoW Classic and works well there.
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    I briefly tried this one, and I liked its simplicity and easy of use.

    There's two things that I'd like to see added to it, if not already present and I was just to dense to see them:
    - A "send" toggle, so I can turn off sending inputs to the other client.
    - A whitelist instead of blacklist of which keypresses to send.

    This levelbuddy has potential, going to keep my eyes on it.

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    Version 1.7 released!

    What's new:

    • Pause feature. Program can pause broadcasting via customizable key.
    • Chinese client support (and other non-latin clients).


    • Comma can be used to separate keys in stop list.
    • More key names for stop list.
    • Several UI and help texts were slightly adjusted.

    I have implemented "pause" feature - please check site for new executable.
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    This software was very helpful in getting started with multiboxing, and I really appreciate your work.

    I had some small problems with version 1.6 on Windows 10 with WoW Classic. The mouse-up and mouse-down bindings didn't always make it to a third window, and the third window would sometimes get stuck on casting with alt when I wasn't holding alt. I reduced my keybindings to just shift modifiers, and use the mouse scrolls for OOC functions so it's not a disaster if they don't go through. I'm not sure, but the mouse scroll problems may have been related to having a cursor over a chat box in one window and, if so, could be fixed by me better matching box positions.

    The one big problem I had was that typing a chat message would, almost half of the time, cause the two slaves to get stuck in the chat box and not receive commands (because they're going in the chat box) until I manually alt-tab to them and escape.

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    How difficult it would be to change the keys sent by the mouse click features? I'm not eager to change my wow keybinds from what I've used for years.
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    Anyone know how to exclude/blacklist mousewheel up/down?

    edit: should probably ask elsewhere but I can't find the delete method the Edit Post button alludes to.
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    Is thier a way to cast targeted spells like flame strike and blizzard with this?

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    Just looking to try multiboxing and I found this program incredibly helpful and easy to use. However wish I can change the hotkey what it sends to as I do not use the default WASD to move.

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