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    Quote Originally Posted by Reprieve View Post
    The one big problem I had was that typing a chat message would, almost half of the time, cause the two slaves to get stuck in the chat box
    You can add ENTER key to black list. The minions will not open chat at all. Another solution is to pause broadcasting via hotkey.

    Quote Originally Posted by one-man_band View Post
    Anyone know how to exclude/blacklist mousewheel up/down?
    You cannot exclude it yet, but this is second feature in the list

    Quote Originally Posted by one-man_band View Post
    How difficult it would be to change the keys sent by the mouse click features?
    Relatively difficult - I do not want to bother people with keybinding. However sometimes I think how can I add keybindings and do not make interface more difficult.
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    Hi again, version 1.8 has been released!

    What's new:

    [-] Fixed bug with program delay at exit.

    I know it sounds not so much , but... I am going to implement the most wanted features soon, so keep an eye on official Levelbuddy site or this topic.

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    Default Version 2.0 has been released!

    Hi, buddies!

    Version 2.0 has been released!

    It has most wanted features and improved stability:

    [+] You can exclude mouse events from broadcasting.

    [+] You can use white list instead of black when broadcasting.

    [-] Fixed scaling with 4k monitors.

    [-] Minor bug fixes and improved minion stability.

    There is also a roadmap with more useful features like auto update, new settings, in-game object interaction, better minion behavior and so on.

    Just visit to get more info and download.
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