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    Default Party Sync on 8.2.5 PTR

    Blizzard is attempting to make playing with lower levels simpler with a Party Sync feature on PTR. It is supposed to fix phasing issues from having characters on different quest steps, as well as give all players relevant rewards for their level. It even improves the level scaling so you can do content (including dungeons) with characters that are currently too far apart.

    ie. a 120 will be able to join a level 18 in Deadmines and redo the quests there and the system would scale the 120 down to 60 since the current max level for Deadmines is 60. The only downside is that abilities and talents unlocked at levels higher than 60 will be temporarily unavailable, which may screw with a multiboxing setup.

    I don't tend to use boosts, and I've been playing around with different team comps, resulting in characters getting stranded at awkward levels and quest states, so I'm excited to hear this is coming! It should let us make a team of whatever uncapped characters we want, and level them all together doing whatever quests and content that the lowest level character has access to.

    Anyone else looking forward to this?

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    My problem is usually at max level. If I mix and match teams then take them out some don't have flight paths the others have, some areas phased, its quite a mess. The new zones in BfA are the worst.

    But it does sound like some of that will be taken care of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puggy83 View Post
    Anyone else looking forward to this?
    Yes, it will make catching up some of my one-off toons much easier as they'll be doing the same stuff again. I'm very interested in whether redoing old questlines while sync is active will still award reputation.
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    I'm far, FAR more interested in the Hivemind actually being workable across the entire account. So that you can drop new characters from the same account into it at any time.

    I do think that fix will come though no idea when. With pathfinder finally in BFA the flight points are moot to me. I just need that mount to work on any character associated to that WoW account!

    That said my "DK Team" is going to make use of the party sync. Some are 62ish some 105ish and one 110.

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    Having Hivemind work on the entire account would be amazing, I'm still happy with it though as it is compared to not having it.

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    SOOO looking forward to this. I can fly around Nazjatar and solo anything I want to with ten toons (even one of the weekly bosses meant for a raid group), but de-syncing while flying around brings me to my knees for a long time trying to get all my toons re-coordinated again so they can all see each other.
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