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    Default 2 Paladins 3 Mages

    This is one of my postings from some time ago:

    My first group is going to be something like this for farming dungeons and getting started in general.

    1.Paladin tank (11/32/8)

    - Runs retribution aura (or other)
    - Buffs sanctuary on himself
    - Buffs kings to rest

    2.Paladin heal (33/11/7)

    - Runs improved devotion aura
    - Buffs kings to tank
    - Buffs improved wisdom/antiaggro to rest
    - Judges light/wisdom on boss/elite

    3. Mage (Arcane/Frost)
    4. Mage (Arcane/Frost)
    5. Mage (Arcane/Frost)

    - Spamming arcane explosion on trash
    - Frostbolt on elites/bosses

    My question now is :

    Is it worth speccing 1 of the 3 mages deeper into frost for the "winters chill talent"?
    This could help killing bosses faster i guess when all three spamm frostbolts?
    Something like that :

    > Im just talking about 5-man content <

    Most of the time your killing trash so i cant decide if its worth "gimping" one of
    the three mages just for dungeon bosses.

    Any ideas?

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