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Part of me is tempted to just treat my rogue like dead weight and have him maybe sap and do little/nothing else. Is that viable?
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I would think a 2 Paladins+2 Warriors+1 Rogue (driven from Rogue) would be more optimal than a 4man configuration. You could maybe mix some CC into your flow from your Rogue before engaging a pack of mobs

Remember that in classic sap takes you out of stealth, even if you specc for it it would be a waste of talent points and still has a 10% chance to take you out of stealth or be resisted.

Thanks for the link, great info.

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Druid healer for a 100% stealth team.... hmmm... come play in EU ;-)
I plan on leveling another group with 5 druids but later on for that same purpose.