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    Default NA PvP - Horde - Multiboxing guild

    Server: Herod - NA PvP Eastern
    Faction: Horde
    Raid Time: Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday between 6pm-11pm EST
    Guild Leader: Zalx

    Created for multiboxers, by multiboxers, <Overload> aims to be THE multiboxer guild of WoW Classic. We plan to experience all endgame raids while multiboxing. Something few people will experience normally.
    In the past, many of us who have played wow have had the unfortunate experience of being content locked by other players due to our unique play style. This guild plans to change that by recruiting all players specifically looking to raid as or with multiboxers.
    The guild is open to recruiting all types of players from casual to hardcore. Whether you play 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or even 40 characters.

    <Overload> currently boasts having over 15 multiboxers in the guild with a total count of over 200 toons including solo players.

    In raids, each toon will be treated as a unique player acquiring DKP for attendance and participation. We will also use a mild Loot Council to ensure proper classes are getting loot first (Thunderfury is NOT a hunter weapon).

    A Pre-Raid BiS multiboxer hurts... but a Raid BiS multiboxer <Overload>'s.

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    Interested in the worlds largest multiboxer guild for Classic WoW?
    <Overload> Multiboxer guild for end game raiding
    Server: Herod - NA-PvP, Eastern
    Faction: Horde
    Raid Time: 6pm-11pm EST on Sat, Sun, Tues.

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    Hello! I just joined your discord to hangout and chat. I'll also be playing Horde on Herod, and have ~12 years experience with multi-boxing. Not sure how much I'll be doing on Classic, but some for sure!

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