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    Default Pet Battles - do any multiboxers do them - any options?

    I honestly haven't touched this facet of the game at all. It's been on my list of ... I'll get to it eventually.

    Well I finally got to it and to my surprise it doesn't work well at all for Multiboxing if your accounts are tied together. Which I'm sure most of you know.
    The pet journal ended up being locked for all 5 of my characters logged in after attempting to do the initial quests. At that point I just left it as is. From what I had read the first account that logs in takes priority of it.
    I'd still like to be able to do them one by one on each account for world quests / etc but that also did not seem possible.

    Does anyone touch this facet of the game? any suggestions?

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    I log everyone out to the character select screen then log in one at a time.

    But I don't do them anymore. Just from doing mission table I have so many charms saved up I can just buy all the pet stones I need to max level all of them and still have charms left over. Probably 15000 saved up, so many I don't even bother doing the pet charm missions anymore.

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    I'm not doing them at the moment, but I used to login with my main character first (since that one also had the rematch setups) and after each match I logged out on the character that owns the pet journal lock and do a /reload on the next toon. Sadly, there seem to be no other options/api's to easily take/release the lock on the journal other than logging out to release and reloading to take it.

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