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    Default 5 man comp for classic

    Hi Everyone,

    I like many am excited about revisiting the classic wow experience and have been giving a lot of thought to my 5 man comp for classic. I had come down to 3 comps for classic.

    1 and most likely comp. warrior tank, holy priest, ret. pally, mage and warlock. I feel this build is the overall best option for classic, 2 classes with free class mounts to save money, portals, summons and paladin buffs.

    2. melee focused prot. warrior, fury warrior, fury warrior, ret. paladin and holy paladin. I would love the portal convenience and could swap out a fury warrior for a mage, but my thinking is im dealing with only 2 class types all of which are plate, which would make it easier to gear up certain characters quicker, along with extra buffs from having 2 paladins instead of one.

    3. ranged group. war, 2 mages, warlock and priest.

    I am just curious what people think and what others are running for classic.

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    You're in luck! I have some links for you.

    I'd post some links to the threads about classic group suggestions and plans but there are 64 results in this forum for a search on "group," with 17 of those just in the last two weeks.

    Good luck in your research! These threads are adding up fast for classic and we still have almost a month to go!
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