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    Default Pally + Mage or Pally + Warlock

    I am considering rolling on a higher pop server and decided to dual box instead of a full team. Im looking at maining a Paladin, and having a Mage or Warlock for support.

    My benefits to having a Mage are, besides the obvious food and portals, are damage.

    My benefits for a Warlock are the Voidwalker pet to help in PVE, and the survivability.

    I will be rolling on a PVP server and looking to WPVP at endgame.

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    Come join us on Herod which should be the best PVP server in the long run.

    Of the 2 duos you listed I like the Lock as you can get a decent Tanking pet and with the Paladin you can heal it though content that a Warlock's pet usually could not survive.

    If you do come Alliance on Herod ask for Nodoze or Atwaa for an invite to the Alliance Multiboxing guild <Legion> in the following Discord:

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