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    So... What server have you guys decided on? Ill be coming back as well. also swedish. started in classic and stopped boxing when Mists of Pandaria launched so might be a bit rusty lol. follow still broken in battlergrounds?
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    Playing Hord on FrostWhisper - EU at the moment.

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    This is the discord link:

    We are going to play on Shazzrah PVP.

    Follow doesn't work in bgs. It works in world pvp.

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    For all boxers:

    The quest item replaces the wand/relic/bow etc and when used auto faces your target. One of best pve or pvp items for boxers.

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    Ill come and join you there then..
    Playing Hord on FrostWhisper - EU at the moment.

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    For all of the people who has an interest in joining our guild i urge you to go to and vote.

    Only days left and we have to decide which server to choose.
    Since Blizzard have stated that Shazzrah will have a huge queue at launch we are discussing whether we stay and hope that enough people will leave or if we should instead join the Firemaw server. (Or any other server that is not full)

    As multiboxers we are extra vulnerable and i guess no one want to have their experience ruined because of a massive queue.


    Don't forget to type your name and character setup.

    If your not on our discord server yet you are more then welcome to our community:

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