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    Default Readycheck for all Horde EU Multiboxers!

    It's just a couple weeks until launch and i think it would be nice if we get organized.

    Is anyone interested in grouping up for World pvp(Haven't decided for pvp or pve server yet), 5-10-15 group instances, raids and so on?

    Maby you already got a guild/Community going and looking for more people? Hock me/us up!

    We can help each other with crafting, corpsecamping, griefing, chatting, tips and tricks. You name it!

    I'm running a 5 shaman group to begin with and will take it from there.

    Post your class setup and a little about yourself down below if you want to group up with fellow boxers!

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    I will play Horde EU (I am swedish).

    Going to run either druid/priest/mage/warlock/warlock or 5 shaman (I want the mixed group but I feel like shamans will be 10x stronger in world pvp).

    mrdsp (UK) said he is going 10 shamans on Horde EU.

    uffela (swedish) said he is going Horde EU (I think druid, hunter, mage, shaman, warrior).

    I guess you are swedish also based on your name.

    It would be nice if we all made our characters on the same server at the 13th of august.

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    Think the majority will be going Horde (of the people I know at least)

    I'm possibly giving it a go. I never played Vanilla so who knows how long I manage to stay interested without the nostalgia glasses.

    I think I'll be going for a mixed trinity team, just to make the best use out of all gear drops and be best equipped for instances. Something like Warrior tank, Shaman Healer, Mage, Lock, Boomy/hunter. Most likely going on a PVP realm where some of my buddies roll, but since we don't have the realm names yet, no specifics.

    I will also mention here for anyone unaware: We do have a social group set up for EU multiboxers where we can also communicate in real time. You can get the invite link from myself, Ebony or Jabberie.

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    i will wait a few weeks until the big storm has settled (and player numbers probably cut in half because ppl realized how long leveling takes) then I might join other boxers

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    our little group we been talking about classic a lot

    here a link if your not already in

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    I've been pondering the idea of doing some boxing in classic, didnt really play much horde in the past so that will be fun.

    Thinking of 4xMages and a healer but still undecided

    Be nice to do some world pvp

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    Hello, Horde EU

    I want to join in, I plan to box 4x lock/sp and the other setup will be 4x warrr 1x sham pve gold only.

    I would also like to group up with fellow boxers and do some challenging pve and pvp (focus on it more).

    I tried the link but it has expired.

    Tx for any help.

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    Im in.

    Starting with a 5 man shaman group and / or 4 warriors and 1 shaman healer.

    Would be cool to team up with other boxers in a guild and do some wpvp and raids.

    So who will organise server choise when we know the names, and guild creation.

    My time does not permit me to commit in guild leadership or organising stuff.

    Might even do a mixed team, for buffs and such.(still not totally determined yet on setup)

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    Nice to see so many people.

    So 6 + some more who've shown their interest!

    I can organize things around the guild once we get going!

    What do you think about the name Overkill? It's basically what we do when multiboxing.. Let me know if you got an better alternative..

    I've started a discord channel for now, where we can chat and prepare for launch:

    Anyone want to use WoW Communities feature? (Heard from blossom that it will only work from the launcher and not ingame so maby skip that one).


    Xandorz could you contact mrdsp and uffela if they're not active on this forum to join our channel?

    This will be such a bizarre adventure!

    Looking forward seeing you in the channel and later on INGAME!

    Everyone is welcome to join!

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    Will see if we get online at launch day..hopefully. Will not be that active the first few days...hollyday is over, and work is beating me again.

    And got some upcomming RL events the following weekend.

    But would be great to get the guild going before that :-)

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