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    I'm wracking my brain figuring out what comps i want to run to farm gold. I'm in a very high end retail PvE guild that's rolling classic at launch, so we will be expected to come with consumables/farm gold for expensive pre-raid bis like Lionheart helm etc.

    My main will be a Warrior... but i was going to level that no life style with some guildies and then level my 5box team when i have downtime from farming pre-raid bis.

    I haven't multiboxed on private servers (Just Legion/BFA) so i have no real idea at what the best gold making strategy is for us boxers. I know that we should have professions maxed out for stuff like transmutes etc.. but i was wondering what the best "farming" method is?

    I had a plan to level 4 warlocks and 1 priest, as i think this will be the clearcut winner when it comes to farming outdoor content for cloth etc... but i don't think it would be great for anything other than that.

    I know tribute runs are great for 1 toon if you can solo them, but i assume it doesn't scale well with 5 toons? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Looking for advice!!
    I don't think there's any consensus yet as to what is the best gold / hour for a boxer - and I guess it will be hard to tell until the economy is stable.

    If you're good at it, most likely flipping / playing the AH will be the best use of your time and can be done at the same time as you're running instances.

    Peregrine mentioned profession cooldowns, which has historically been nice for boxers, but keep in mind the initial cost of getting your tradeskills to that level, along with the time required to skill up and have multiple teams levelled and up.

    My guess would be that the apart from playing the AH and cooldowns, the best gold/hour you can get as a boxer, would be farming something that is more efficient to do in a group. Such as Righteous Orb runs, Dire Maul runs (in phase 2), BoE/cloth/gold runs in instances etc. But it will depend on what the price levels are on the auction house.

    There seems to be a lot of interest in the 4 x warrior + healer / , which would synergize well with your choice of main. You could also go with a spell-cleave setup and have your warrior as puller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercbeast View Post
    Prob the best way to make money as a mboxer is going to be transmuting arcanite and mooncloth. Once you have a level 60, warrior or mage ideally, you can boost groups of 4 to level 35 in probably around 18 hours played. Fill up your account slots, PL enchanting and tailoring up, and then cycle those transmutes on CD. if you put in the ground work, you will be Pablo Escobar E-rich in no time.

    hey how can i boost my alts fast with a 60 main?

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