I'm wracking my brain figuring out what comps i want to run to farm gold. I'm in a very high end retail PvE guild that's rolling classic at launch, so we will be expected to come with consumables/farm gold for expensive pre-raid bis like Lionheart helm etc.

My main will be a Warrior... but i was going to level that no life style with some guildies and then level my 5box team when i have downtime from farming pre-raid bis.

I haven't multiboxed on private servers (Just Legion/BFA) so i have no real idea at what the best gold making strategy is for us boxers. I know that we should have professions maxed out for stuff like transmutes etc.. but i was wondering what the best "farming" method is?

I had a plan to level 4 warlocks and 1 priest, as i think this will be the clearcut winner when it comes to farming outdoor content for cloth etc... but i don't think it would be great for anything other than that.

I know tribute runs are great for 1 toon if you can solo them, but i assume it doesn't scale well with 5 toons? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Looking for advice!!