With the recent rise in interest for multiboxing World of Warcraft Classic, this forum has seen a surge in new members and a wave of new threads, and so I'd like to take a moment to give a public service announcement in reference to a few things.

Low Effort Posts
Currently, this only pertains to class composition posts, but these are posts where someone is looking for an answer, yet they have not put in the effort to try and answer their own question(s), which would be helpful in order to begin such a discussion.

An example of a low effort post, is where someone will list a set of classes and then follow it up with one or more of the following:

  • What's the best?
  • Will this work?
  • Will I like this team?
  • Yes/no?
  • Can this team farm level 60 dungeons?
  • What goes good with <insert class>?

...or some other variation of the above, which may also be followed up with "and why?".

On the surface, they're harmless questions, but the issue is that the author of the post has not told anyone else why, or how, they've come to the conclusions they have, or even given their thoughts on a team's strengths and weaknesses. Instead, it looks as if they're expecting someone else to write all of that out for them, and posts like these can become a huge drain on those who are actually willing to help. People can get tired of constantly repeating the same advice over and over, when it's likely available in all of the other threads where class discussion has been taking place, for months.

I wouldn't expect anyone to write out a thesis paper for you, for why they believe you should play a set of classes that you've listed, and it will be much more helpful if you can kick off the discussion by giving your thoughts about what you've chosen, so that people can better understand what you know, or how you feel about a certain set of classes.

Private Servers
Discussion promoting private servers has never been allowed on this forum, and so I'd like to just remind everyone of that. However, simply mentioning the words "private server" is not against the rules, and to help clear up any confusion between the two, I've listed some examples.

  • Mentioning that you play(ed) on a private server.
  • Simply acknowledging the existence of private servers.

Not Okay
  • Mentioning a private server, by name, that is still operating today.
  • Linking to a video of gameplay from a private server.
  • Asking for help on where to find or how to set up a private server.
  • Suggesting that others should play on a private server.

The one exception to the above list would be where popular content creators, on YouTube or elsewhere, are creating helpful and informative videos that relate to Classic, but unfortunately require some footage from private servers because Classic is not currently live.

Why have we taken this stance?
The multiboxing playstyle can be seen as controversial, and so the admins, moderation, and presumably a large portion of this forum's userbase, have, historically, believed that by disallowing promotion of private servers, we disconnect the multiboxing playstyle from activities that game publishers (e.g. Blizzard) deem to be against their terms of service. This is also why we don't allow the discussion of cheats, hacks, bots, exploitation, or the circumvention of game mechanics to gain an unforeseeable advantage.

Think of it this way, if you can't post it on a game's own forums, then it probably shouldn't be posted here.