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    Default Discussion: 3 mage+tank+healer teams

    I'm sure there are several of us planning on running this comp. I am interested to hear everyone's thoughts / plans / ideas. Feel free to chime in whatever thoughts you are having on your team. Some questions to consider:

    Which tank and healer will you be choosing and why?
    What do you want to achieve?
    How will you spec your mages?

    Do you have a leveling route planned out?

    Some random tips:

    Mob Tagging

    At level 6 you get fire blast, which allows for instant mob tagging from ranged. Create this macro and set up round robin with auto assist in ISBoxer:
    /cleartarget [dead][help]
    /targetenemy [noexists]
    /cast Fire Blast (Rank 1)

    Coordinating Polymorph
    I have 2 different methods for setting up polymorph. One is for on the fly sheeping, with round robin+auto assist. Another is for pre-pulls. I set up targeting using /assist on round robin, then having each mage cast on their own target at the same time

    I'll post some pros/cons to get discussion started

    This is not intended to be a comprehensive list. It is just things I thought of off the top of my head.
    Which tank to choose?

    == Pros ==

    • Strong in PvP with a healer
    • The best single target tanks for mitigation and threat

    == Cons ==
    • Adds complexity to something that is already complex (multiboxing)
    • Requires a lot of attention to fully utilize (stance dance, weapon swaps, cooldowns, etc.)
    • Not that much utility compared to the other tanks
    • Not that much dps until very geared

    == Pros ==

    • The best AoE tanks (I don't care what Skarm says - I've done the math on AoE TPS and paladin comes way, wayyy ahead)
    • The ability to do massive pulls with bubble for AoE pulls
    • Ridiculous utility with BoP, BoF, BoW, BoSalv, etc.
    • Able to heal and rez if needed

    == Cons ==

    • Mana problems
    • Single target threat (not really an issue though with blessing of salvation on dps)
    • No defensive tanking cooldowns outside of holy shield
    • In general, takes more damage than the other 2 tanks
    • Can't pull from ranged aside from engineering or a 3 min cooldown trinket. Although I've heard of some prot pallys having success tanking even while being specced into holy shock

    == Pros ==
    • Strong single target threat
    • Very good at handling groups of 3-5 mobs using swipe
    • Good utility with thorns, innervate (you can make a powershift macro for this), battle rez, stealth, the list goes on
    • Able to use leather, which would otherwise mostly be wasted with 3 mages in the group
    • Not super gear dependant
    • Can respec at 60 to either tank, heal, or DPS if you want
    • The highest single target dps of the 3 tanks (at least until later)

    == Cons ==
    • Takes more damage than warriors
    • Probably difficult to execute in PvP while multiboxing
    • A lot of abilities adds more complexity. This may be a pro for some people
    • The worst tank of the 3 for large aoe pulls

    Which healer to choose?

    == Pros ==

    • Strong single target heals
    • Mana efficient
    • Very strong utility as outlined above
    • Very good pvp healer (plate armor+bubble)
    • Cleanse
    • Can wear cloth, leather, mail, and plate. Meaning less competition for the mages

    == Cons ==
    • No aoe heals
    • Little to no offensive capabilities
    • No CC

    == Pros ==

    • Many would say they are the best healer in vanilla
    • HoTs, shield, and aoe heals are all great to have
    • Fear ward if alliance
    • AoE Fear
    • Has a dot + wand when not healing
    • Can fade if they get aggro
    • Offensive dispel is nice in PvP
    • Holy nova (honestly this one is not really that great)

    == Cons ==

    • Cloth armor - dies easily and has gear competition with the mages
    • Easily focused in PvP
    • Fortitude and spirit are nice, but not as good as the buffs the other healers offer

    == Pros ==

    • HoTs are always good
    • Lots of utility as mentioned above. MotW, thorns, innervate, nature's swiftness
    • Leather means less competition with the mages. Also very easy to gear up and minimal raid gear competition

    == Cons ==

    • Only able to res one person once every 30 minutes
    • Pretty bad at healing in PvP without micromanagement (bear form, travel form, roots, etc.)

    Shamans should probably not be considered for this group because the other healers all synergize better, but it could work if you really wanted to

    Personally I will be rolling a team of Paladin+Paladin+Mage x3. I think a tank paladin massively benefits from having a 2nd paladin in the group. The mages no longer have to choose between wisdom or salvation. The tank can get sanctity aura, wisdom, and blessing of sanctuary. Dungeon leveling will be super fast - switching off paladins pulling massive groups with swiftness potion+bubble to group them up for the improved blizzard-fest.
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