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    Default Farming raid trash

    Hi all. I’d like to know how many characters (and what class combos) it takes to be able to farm raid trash?
    I am particularly interested in acquiring the random epic drops such as the shard of the fallen star in AQ using as few toons as possible.

    Im not sure what the best comp would be for this either. A regular 5 man tank and spank dungeon group? A team of 3 locks to kite using curse of exhaustion and DOTs?

    Any suggestions are welcome - I’ve never tried to farm raid trash before and don’t have the resources to get like 20-40 accounts in order to do it.

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    AQ40 trash can be hard even for 40-man raid. It's one of the worst trashes ever. I don't see how you could farm it without maybe parking inside at some easy pack after guilds done raiding for the night and hoping to catch soft resets.

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    Probably not able to do any 40 man thrash with 5 or less characters, unless kiting very well on mobs that can be slowed and is only melee like some in Naxx.

    I want that trinket, Shard of a Fallen Star. I wonder how good it is though.
    Patch 1.11.2 "I just picked one up, have about ~420 +damage gear, and it hits for the same amount whether i have the gear on, or am naked".
    Probably not scaling with spellpower in classic if it didn't do in 1.11.2.
    Damage is also split between all enemies so if it is 2 enemies it should deal same damage as Ramstein's Lightning Bolts.

    We can probably farm gold a lot faster than solo players and buy some items for gold when raiding.

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    I’m almost all circumstances if you only have 5 accounts you’d just be better off farming gold and paying a guild for the item you want. The only trash I can think of that you could potentially farm are slow melee mobs in naxx or crocs in ZG for bijous and coins.

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    I'm curious to see how much of UBRS you can do with a 5 man team.. I think that will be hard enough let alone any of the 20 or 40 mans

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    Is something like that doable (more quickly since 5 box vs solo box) in classic ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baltyre View Post
    Is something like that doable (more quickly since 5 box vs solo box) in classic ?
    I have not tried it but I assume doing something like this might work:
    Use Mages and use Frost Nova (assuming they can be rooted if they can be slowed) -> Cone of Cold -> AE spam (very risky close to enemies) -> Frost nova and repeat...
    Could also use Frost Nova -> Position far away -> Blizzard -> Blizzard -> Cone of Cold -> Frost Nova -> Position again for blizzard...

    This wouldn't be good though, since those slimes change resistance so sometimes they are immune to frost spells and might get insta killed if hit by mobs when using Arcane explosion.

    With warlocks it might work to use dots and curse of exhaustion when needed. Maybe able to keep 16 debuffs on every ghoul + 5 pets attacking. Might be decent damage.

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