How are you intending to gear your characters other than 5 man dungeons?

I think I will join a guild to raid with my priest since I want Benediction/Anathema.

I might try to join some more guilds for my other characters but might be a waste of time to get MC/Ony gear on them.
Instead I might spend the time lvling other teams to lvl 35, do professions and farm gold.

In phase 2 I think I will focus on PVP, maybe completely ignore PVE and just try to get as high rank as possible (if phase 2 lasts 3 or more months I might be able to reach rank 11-13 on everyone, rank 10 should at least be easy for blue pvp gear).

I will probably run around mainly at BRM/searing gorge/burning steppes to do world pvp. Maybe switch it up a little with EPL/WPL, winterspring/felwood and silithus/ungoro. Probably a good idea to have mining/herbalism/skinning for phase 2.

In phase 3 I might join a premade bg team to get rank 13 on 1 character.

In phase 3-6 I might try to join guilds and do raids with 1 character at a time, making sure that main character always joins raid and the other characters when raid time doesn't overlap.