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    Default 5 Chars Dungeon Powerleveling Multibox


    I never done multiboxing before, but im pretty tech savy and persistent in what Im trying to learn so that shouldnt be a problem (I think =))

    I plan to multibox 5 chars at classic launch and powerlevel them ONLY through dungeon running.

    I will be playing horde side and I thought of team composition of:

    1x Warr (tank) - undead
    1x Shamm (healer) - orc
    2x Mage - undead
    1x Lock - undead

    1) Now the hard part is, I need to get them to lvl 12 to start running ragefire chasm.. but shaman cant be a undead, I thought maybe I should just run them all to durotar and level them all together there? Or just level 4 undeads first and then duo-box shaman with a help of a mage?

    2) My another question is, how quick is dungeon leveling with 5 char multibox? How much /played in approx. for a noob? On private server I managed to 1-60 solo mage in about 7 days (it was like 2 months ago) and god that was damn tedious for me, I absolutelly HATE questing, but I do love vanilla (played it 14 years ago as a small boy )

    3) Is that team comp. viable and fast? Would you change anything in it?

    4) With that group comp. should you single target mobs or AOE?

    Edit: Decided to make 1 x warr , 1 x priest as a healer, 3x mage - warlock is really not doing any dmg, hes mana pool is low and the tradeoff for the summon only is not worth it in my opinion + its easier to manage 3 chars of a same class and also you get huge aoe. My only concern is that I wont hold aggro against 3 mages and I cant have a pala because Im playing horde side..
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