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    Default A perfect storm (for making gold)

    It happens very seldom, twice a month at most, when the old RNG gods decide to favor us with what I nicknamed the perfect storm.

    The following circumstances need to be true for a perfect storm.
    2000 gold Emissary for War Effort
    2000 gold Emissary for a zone
    An invasion assault in the same zone

    What does that mean? You get 20,000+ gold for doing 4 world quests. If your teams are established, 2 in 5 will also receive 4500-5000 gold paragon reward.

    Last time I used 7 teams of 5 and made a bit over 210,000 gold and took me 41 minutes. I have recently finished leveling my 9th team, but now with flying I bet it takes half hour tops because most time spent is travelling.

    The next possible perfect storm for Horde will be in 8 hours, the next assault must be in Vol'dun. You can check the time here.

    Good luck and get rich!

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    I just got flying today.. man what an easy way to farm gold and mats ( enchanting)! BUt i only have one max level team lol..time to stat leveling alts!
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    Nice I am on that as well . as well I have unlocked one account working on my off account as well

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