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    Default Army of level 35 alts for mass afk cashola

    I am new to multiboxing but I had an idea that might be kinda harebrained but I thought I'd ask here before I waste too much time researching it.

    Basically plan would be to level a mage main to 60 then begin 5 boxing toons to level 35 in order to max two of either tailoring, alchemy or leatherworking. As you guys are probably aware all these professions have cooldowns. Tailoring 4 day mooncloth for truefaith,archmage and some other stuff straight away and then some more for ZG patch. Alchemy for arcanite, and then leatherworking for cured rugged hide salt shaker cooldown for rogue/warr/hunter preraid BS.

    I am going to have a lot of spare time come launch, but come the new year I will not have that much, and like the idea of just forgetting about ever farming gold again. I would level as many 5 box teams as I could to 35 (up to ten right?) (50 toons total)

    Is this scheme too crazy or are there other alternatives that would work better...

    I would probs do a few to level 60 later on for fun but mainly just want to feed my main with massg primarily.

    Also there is a cool vid of aoe farming rfc done by kargoz, not possible to use that technique multiboxing right? Here is the video:

    What would be the fastest teams to level 35?
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